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Can we follow Mother Earth and her teachings as environmental activists and advocates do? Can we follow her committedly engaging knowledge, spirit, body, artistry in doing so? Can we cloak ourselves in Mother Earth’s brilliance, her empathy for life, her ways of balancing continuity and evolution? Can we strive for social environmental resilience, water, food and health security for every living organism on the planet? Can we allow ourselves to drop personal, short term gains and frail individual freedom and liberties for the better good? Can you look deep into Mother NatureĀ“s eyes and touch her soul to embed yourself in her mysticism? Can you breathe deep and relinquish all anguish and anxieties and liberate yourself from egoism? Can you reach out into the realms of the forests and the deep abyss of the oceans to understand and appreciate all life forms? Can you embrace all human beings in environmental and social comradery and…

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